Inc. 500Joon Shin is an Inc 500 award winning executive, who consults and owns several businesses, driven by strategy and tactics; battle-hardened from Corporate 500 and startups; insights culled from business and technology; aesthetic designs shaped by arts and media; breadth and depth of experience developed across several industries and roles; and not afraid to ask the hard questions.

About Me
I’m an entrepreneur, adviser, board director, photographer, and a foodie. I don’t take myself seriously but I do for my work…I also like coffee – a lot. If I could have four clones of myself with wireless, real-time synchronization of memories and twelve extra hours in a day, I may just get around to all the big things I’d like to accomplish in life and wouldn’t require so much consumption of caffeinated products.
My Manifesto
Collaboration and group dynamics; critical and higher order thinking; strategic and tactical alignment; disparate points of views from broad and deep experiences; gut feelings and cultural passion; and aesthetic designs and personal tastes, all play a role in how we approach a problem, industry, business or our own personal development. I believe that any given enterprise is an art that could be transformed into a masterpiece.

University of Pennsylvania

M.S.E., Executive Master’s in Technology Management
A co-sponsored program between The Wharton School of Business and Penn’s School of Engineering and Applied Science.

EMTM Venture Capital Program
Comprehensive venture capital program with focuses in technology companies and emerging markets.

EMTM Global Experience Program
Immersion program focused on Brazil’s economies, risks and capabilities relative to Russia, India, China, and United States.

Lehigh University

B.S., Mechanical Engineering
Focuses in nuclear engineering and fluid dynamics.

Moravian College

Joint Arts Program
Program of fine arts and art history between affiliate schools.

Yonsei University

Korean Language Program
Immersion program for Korean language studies.

Valley Forge Military Academy

Diploma from Preparatory School
Advanced placement in calculus 1 & 2 and chemistry.


Angel Network & Investment
Former Co-chair of the Wharton Angel Network, former Managing Partner of GQS Global Ventures, and adviser to several startups. Influencer of wide variety of strategies; provider of right-fit resources; and primary supporter, challenger, and motivator for mentee founders / founding teams.

Branding & marketing
Due diligence
General counsel
Strategic alliances
Technology & operations

Software, Internet, Mobile, Ecommerce & Innovation
Board Director of Dosha Pops, Executive/Entrepreneur-in-Residence for Valley Venture Mentors, Advisor for PleazeMe, former Advisory Board Member of TriplAgent, former Committee Member for the Wharton DC Innovation Summit, former Board of Directors Member of Adept Technologies, former CEO of IPNETZONE, former CEO of InstructInteractive, former Sales Executive of RapidRatings, and former Web Committee Chair of Dance Parade. Leader of day-to-day activities of general business affairs; part time developer of user interfaces for greater user experiences (UI/UX); balancer between open source and in-house proprietary development; builder of long-term collaborative relationships with strategic allies; resolver of conflicts; and driver of corporate culture and business process development.

Branding & marketing
Business development
Design & SEO
Executive management
Financial management
Investor relations
Legal & business affairs
Marketing strategy
Organizational strategy
Product development
Public Relations
Social media & networking
Web development

Media, PR & Entertainment
Co-Founder & Partner for Content of Characters, Board of Directors Member of In The Lights, former President of Sandbox TV, former Senior Business Systems Manager of Niche Media, independent photographer, and former extra / background actor and production assistant in films and music videos. Director of creative vision; part time illustrator of graphics and composer of music; leader of innovation development; implementer of best of breed, best practices, and best in integration; and supporting story teller through motion picture.

Brand management
Business systems
Film production
Luxury industry
Improvisational theater
Online video
Pre & post production
Program development
Process engineering
Public image & relations
Talent & content acquisition

Aerospace & Defense
Former Corporate Auditor, former Lean Business Process & Systems Project Leader, and former Aerospace Manufacturing Engineer of The Boeing Company. Proactive mitigator of major business, finance, compliance, and regulatory risks; leader of process and systems integration with middleware development; driver of change in a sea of politics and disparate points-of-views; uber planner and project manager of complex product design, engineering, manufacturing, operations, and integration.

Audit & governance
Configurations management
Engineering & manufacturing
Enterprise risk management
Lean enterprise
Major systems integration
Operations consulting
Project management
Requirements management
Supply chain management

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