Happy Mother’s Day! I’d like to give a big shout out to all the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, mothers who are entrepreneurs, the motherly types, and mothers-to-be.

One who I’d like to thank in particular is my mom. Even though these memories might be very personal for me, I believe they are also early influences of why I have such an affinity towards entrepreneurialism and just some of the lessons/values I believe are necessary to “stomach the roller coaster ride” of life and business.

Thanks for uprooting and moving the family to America in hopes to start a new life of opportunity when you didn’t know a lick of English.

Thanks for letting me play basketball with apples and the toilet when I was a toddler.

Thanks for giving me a brother who will take a bullet for me and I for him.

Thanks for letting me run yarn all over the house like it was an uber booby-trap from Tom and Jerry. I still chuckle when I think about this.

Thanks for teaching me the art of busting people’s “chops” by coming home to show me that you bought a Fire Truck Matchbox Car for yourself. After the tears started gushing and you handed it to me while giggling, I started to laugh at myself – thanks for teaching me how to do that, too.

Thanks for letting me walk myself to the bus stop on my very first day of school, even though you secretly followed me. I know that tore your heart up, so this is also an apology for being so petulant about being a “big boy.”

Thanks for letting me play a small role in the family business during the summer breaks from school. It was my first taste of entrepreneurialism.

Thanks for sending me to military academy – your fears of me putting my social agenda way ahead of my academic agenda was well-founded, no matter how much I initially resisted.

Thanks for giving me freedom from traditions that I didn’t agree with and allowing me to pursue my happiness.

Thanks for instilling big ambitions, tenacity, and compassion into my life.

Thanks for supporting my professional move from a cushy, Fortune500 job into ventures that are more risky and potentially more fulfilling.

And most of all, thanks for the constant reminder to pick and choose my battles and that health, happiness, and love is more precious than gold.