indibeat was born out of a passion for producing engaging, India-centric content that’s relevant and valuable for India’s “Internet generation,” aka Indian Millennials. From dating to career advice, and everything in between, indibeat’s mission is to keep the future of India’s finger on the pulse of the world around them and connect them to new experiences that will help enrich their lives.

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Mr. Shin is a Moore Fellow and an Inc. 500 award winning executive, who possesses continuous intellectual curiosity in the intersections of business, creativity, and technology, with over eighteen years of well-rounded and seasoned leadership of complex initiatives working with many diverse teams across several industries. He is currently a Co-Founder for Content of Characters, Board Member for Dosha Pops, Co-Founder for In The Lights PR, and consults, mentors, and advises other startups; and has held senior leadership positions that demand: corporate governance, executive management, entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, program management, business transformation, product development, new products / services launch, business development, strategic positioning, technology management and enterprise risk management.

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