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This is a non-exhaustive list of recent ventures or projects I’ve either been directly involved with; or of people, whose character, personality, their respective works and/or companies have made a positive impression in how I view or interact with the world. If I had limitless time and resources, I would enlist them all and think of wonderful ways to introduce them properly.

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  • Shout outs

Valley Venture Mentors

Dedicated to achieving transformational growth for startups and changing the face of the economy in Western Massachusetts by providing expertise and funding through Mentorship and Accelerator programs.

Wharton Innovation Summit

An annual summit held in Washington DC that gathers renowned speakers, authors, professors, and fellow innovators discuss the latest trends in different industries and an opportunity to network with like-minded people.

Content of Characters

An independent and privately-owned creative and production company that produces film and video, with over 45 years of combined experience in media, production and entertainment.

Dosha Pops

Gourmet lollipop company with tasty candies focused on supporting health through Ayurvedic spices and herbal tea infusions.


TriplAgent helps you plan the perfect trip. We match your personality and favorite things to do with activities suggested by others who share your sense of style and interest.

In The Lights

Boutique PR services that cover arts, culture, entertainment, food, advertising, consumer electronics, and technology industries.

Protagonist Group

The brains & brawn behind AngelRoot, startup consulting, & operational due diligence.

Atelier Interactive

A strategic alliance based in New York with focuses in digital, interactive, creative and strategy.

Adept Technologies Inc.

Software and enterprise systems for businesses and government agencies.

Wharton Angel Network

Wharton alumni investors who invest in Wharton alumni startups.


A nationwide Broadband and MPLS Exchange Platform (MEP) and advanced backbone network provider. Ranked Inc. 500 in 2011 and subsequently acquired by UNSi.

Lux Smiles

Cosmetic and general dental practice located in midtown New York City.

Dance Parade

Annual parade and festival to celebrate all genres of dance.

Rapid Ratings

Independent rating firm measuring Financial Health Ratings of companies.

Sandbox TV

Online video producers curation, content management system, distribution, and post production.

Niche Media

Luxury magazine publication that caters to vibrant communities.

The Boeing Company

World’s leading aerospace and large systems integrator.


Autodrop3D brings your project, business, or idea from design to physical prototype with zero human interaction.

Capitol Pacific Group

Leading government/financial consulting firm regarding capital markets and the United States Government.

Children’s Crisis Treatment Center

Non-profit agency providing behavioral health services to children & families by addressing impacts of child abuse, neglect, traumatic events & other challenges.

Code and Theory

Award winning interactive agency with comprehensive range of services for focused media and interactive experiences.


Matches customers with vetted subject matter experts and help them create high-quality marketing content.


Digital production company at the intersection of web world, brand world and entertainment world.


Showcase and discovery platform for local culture.

Du Jour

A new national magazine with targeted local content, seamlessly connecting digital and print media.


Commerce platform that enables people to make a living making things and to reconnect makers with buyers.


Fully customizable family web studio platform.

Final Thoughs

Legacy project application that provides a unique opportunity for patients to reflect on their lives and process through events and people who shaped it.

Five Mile River Marketing

A full service agency. We help drive growth through compelling strategy and solutions in branding, marketing, and innovation.


Standards-based, rock-solid financial model templates for forecasting and fundraising for any type of business.


Microloans made helpful and rewarding.

General Assembly

Urban campus for entrepreneurs seeking to transform industry and culture through technology and design.


heromat is a soft durable mat that is fully waterproof and machine washable. A perfect companion for beds, sofas, cars, carpets, and more.


Discover credible and accurate Huntington’s disease resources and gain an in-depth understanding of the organizations in the Huntington’s disease ecosystem.


Coordinates and supports global research priorities for the advancement of cannabis and cannabinoid treatments through a multidisciplinary, evidence-based approach that incorporates innovative tools and methods.

Janine Just, Inc.

Boutique marketing agency with a unique blend of digital media, social marketing & event programming that they brand as the JJI trifecta.

Luxury Institute

Extensive and actionable research of wealthy consumers and their behaviors/attitudes on customer experience.


Integrated marketing for both consumer products and professional services and on local, national and international levels.

Maria the Korean Bride

A multi-media performance designed to bring attention to the social pressure and ostracism of a first generation, Korean-American, unmarried woman.

Melanie Notkin

Foremost expert on the emerging demographic of childless, often single, women in North America, and author of Otherhood: Modern Women Finding a New Kind of Happiness and Savvy Auntie: The Ultimate Guide for Cool Aunts, Great-Aunts, Godmothers, and All Women Who Love Kids.


An international design firm focused on product and service innovation and an independent unit of GlobalLogic, leader in software R&D services.

misfit, inc.

Ridiculously creative web agency located in East Village of New York City.


Social media that creates marketing campaigns through proprietary video, photo, 3D, voice and avatar platforms.

Organizing Goddess

Organizing Goddess, Inc., was founded by Sharon Lowenheim, MBA, MSE, CPO®, and offers services to help declutter physical, mental and digital aspects of life and business.

Oxford Valuation Partners

Diversified advisory services firm to value stock, debt, intellectual property and other assets.


Have a runner deliver your parts and materials whenever you need it (24/7).


Providing career advancing opportunities for professional women of color in STEM.


Social media app for indie game studios & fans worldwide.

Seed Invest

A revolutionary funding platform that allows investors to identify, execute, and manage investments in top startups and small businesses.

Spark Labs

A venture builder & incubator dedicated to creating & growing early-stage digital ventures with the aim to create market-leading companies.

Spring Studios

Whether in advertising or editorial, film, photography or new media, Spring puts visual culture at the centre of excellence.

Stone & Strand

An exquisite destination for the very finest jewelry that seeks to inspire, educate and serve.

Storm Seed

Small firm specializing in development and convergence. Specialties include PHP, Flash / Actionscript, WordPress, Drupal, Magento & many others.


A platform in the Cloud to simplify/expedite data connectivity between APIs, databases, spreadsheets and more.

The Blaq Group

Fast-paced, full-service events, management, marketing & PR agency.

The Everywhere Office

Workspace aggregator platform to focus and collaborate throughout the city, maximizing team productivity and reducing your operation costs.

The Hatchery

Forging real bonds between entrepreneurs and investors with an impartial forum for them to meet and build the connections.

The Possible Lab

A full-service consulting agency for everyone looking to create a better world.

Tipping Point Partners

Atypical venture firm, incubator or service providers – an institutional cofounder.

The Promethean Project

A family run company that aims to build a non-profit/therapeutic wellness center. By taking away the cost of a gym membership, we hope to provide services for any and all people who are looking to build health within their whole selves.


An online academy that teaches hardware, coding, and technology.

Vicus Partners

Vicus Partners, LLC is a full-service commercial real estate firm that exclusively represents tenants in commercial transactions.

Wix Lounge

A free coworking and event space in New York City to allow creative professionals to network, get inspired and be productive alongside other creative professionals.

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