Beyond my consulting with business owners and executives of already-established businesses, I continue to meet a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs / entrepreneurs-in-progress and have been passing along a lot of my lessons-learned to help them on their journey in attaining their dreams. Every now and then, when I need to decompress my brain a bit, I scour the interwebs on topics of photography, film and media and discovered this awesome stop motion video below.  It’s not only awesome because of how well it was developed and executed but also because it’s a simple yet compelling vision – something that most entrepreneurs have trouble articulating or are going through the same stutter steps the inventor in this video is going through. Sooo, needless to say, I’m back into the “giving counsel” mode by posting this video and my musings.

PROTEIGON, created by Steven Briand and Luca Fiore (with help from many others) during a two month internship at a production company called Partizan, set to a thumping, Gotan Project-like, bass-heavy track.

A handful of the underlying messages that I saw in this video that resonates with the words of encouragement I pass along are:

Don’t be afraid to dream of transformative innovations. Just take your first steps and figure out a way to get there.

Your vision and plans will materially change countless number of times. Don’t be discouraged – be willing to learn new stuff, work on things you previously thought were “below you,” and persevere by being a devout servant to your target market.

Make sure your endeavor is one of your passions in life, be the master of your own domain and understand your subject matter inside-out. Your confidence will shine through.

To make a simple and elegant product or service is difficult but your audience and target market doesn’t need to know that.