VVM 2019 Collegiate Cohort VVM & Berthiaume Collegiate Summer Venture Program

Are you part of the 2019 Cohort for VVM’s Collegiate Summer Venture Program? Yes? Awesome!

Congrats for getting accepted into the program! For first time entrepreneurs this’ll be great exposure to the many exciting (and sometimes frightening) things about launching a business and for more seasoned entrepreneurs it’ll serve as a good refresher. For everyone, you’ll be introduced to some really great folks at VVM, The Berthiaume Center, EIR’s, and a really generous team of mentors and alumni to help you along your entrepreneur’s journey. Many of us have been where you are, so we’re all here to provide you support, in hopes that it will help accelerate your professional and venture development, to get your product or service launched quickly into the market.

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Week 1 (May 28-31): Jolt

May 28 – May 31 (T-F):

On Tuesday afternoon, I’ll be meeting up with Pod 1 for a meet-n-greet. On Wednesday morn, I’ll meet with each team, from Pod 1, to go over SMART Goals concept and process for this 10-week summer program. Thursday morning will be spent with each team sharing their planner with the rest of the teams in the pod. On Friday, I’ll be on a panel to share what you can potentially get out of the summer venture program and administer the first standup meeting for Pod 1.

For those who want to enhance their visual appeal of their presentations and make it easier for the audience to consume your message (i.e., pictures being worth a thousand words), you can look to these types of resources to help you visually declutter your slides from excessive text:







We did an in-person vote for our pod name and we’re officially calling ourselves Team Serenity (3 out of 5 votes).


Week 2 (June 3-7): Customer Discovery

June 4 – June 6 (T-Th):

On Tuesday morning, I’ll be conducting a workshop about storytelling. From all of your customer interviews, you should be accumulating interesting insights that can be used to convey to the wider audience and tailored for specific audiences (i.e., other customers, investors, employees, suppliers, etc.).

For those who attended the storytelling workshop, you can download the presentation in the following link.



Week 3 (June 10-14): Value Proposition





SIF Tickets
Access code: “student”


SIF Agenda




June 11 – June 13 (T-Th):

On Tuesday, I’ll be administering the sprint planner session with Team Serenity, so everyone can gather feedback and get a better feel of the direction they’re heading. For the Spring Innovation Fest (SIF), Wednesday 10:45am-11:30am, I’ll be on a panel discussing how to get the most out of a startup competition or program. On Thursday, I’ll partake in the Western MA Demo Day and will depart by 2:30pm that day. Since Wednesday is a full day, Zoom video office hours will be limited to only Tuesday for this week.

While attending SIF, I encourage you to network with as many folks as you can and connect with those celebrating the completion of their startup accelerator program participation (i.e., those who are showcasing and presenting as part of the Top 5).


Week 4 (June 17-21): Prototyping

June 18 – June 20 (T-Th):

It’s come to my attention that some are finding difficulty in conducting customer discovery interviews (some folks are actually conducting product validation interviews), so on Tuesday I’ll be leading mock interviews so that everyone benefits from what a proper customer interview could look like. For those facing challenges in balancing their time, I’ll be conducting a time management session on Wednesday. Neither of the aforementioned topics are directly related to this week’s theme (i.e., prototyping) but can have an impact in its development.

For those who attended the customer discovery mock interview session, you can download the simple, yet effective approach below and link to Total Addressable Market (TAM), Serviceable Addressable Market (SAM), and Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM) article.

Interview Approach




For those who attended the time management session, you can download the list of frameworks I use below and links to opportunity cost and OODA (observe, orient, decide, act) loop articles.

Time Mgmt Framworks


Oppy Cost (Fin)


Oppy Cost (Examples)




For those who pitched in front of the whole cohort, your presentation video recording can be downloaded from the link below (URL expires in seven days):

Video Links


Week 5 (June 24-28): Newton Week

June 25 – June 27 (T-Th):

I will not be joining you for Newton Week but I look forward to hearing about some of the cool places, people, and discussions during the trip!

Week 6 (July 1-5): Out of Office Customer Discovery

July 2 – July 3 (T-W):

This week will be out of office customer discovery, which means you should get out of the building and talk to your customers in-person. You can’t learn anything about what you think they want until you actually talk to them and develop a relationship.

I will also make myself available for zoom calls before the holiday, so feel free to book some time with me.

Week 7 (July 8-12): Marketing

July 9 – July 11 (T-Th):

Stuff I’ll cover for this week.

This section will be fleshed out as more information is availed.

Week 8 (July 15-19): Financials

July 16 – July 18 (T-Th):

Stuff I’ll cover for this week.

This section will be fleshed out as more information is availed.

Week 9 (July 22-26): Prep for Finals

July 23 – July 25 (T-Th):

Stuff I’ll cover for this week.

This section will be fleshed out as more information is availed.

Week 10 (July 29-30): Finals

July 29 – July 30 (M-T):

Stuff I’ll cover for this week.

This section will be fleshed out as more information is availed.

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